The Best Red Dress – The Top 10 Accessories for a Red dress – part 2

We continue our countdown of the Top 10 Accessories for a Red Dress…but if you haven’t read part 1, stop! Check it out!


5. Jacket. Sometimes a little red dress needs a friend. a companion to show off how fantastic her curves are, that’s where the Jacket comes in. Of course the type of jacket depends on the type of dress, but it’s often the icing on the cake. Black, Navy and White are often great choices for this accessory.

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Jessica McClintock Clutch

Jessica McClintock Clutch

4. Bag. You knew we were coming to this one. Sometime the best accessory is no accessory at all, but let’s face it, most of us will not go outside without a few of our essentials, and where else would we keep it!

3. Shoes. Even more than the bag, what would you do without a fabulous pair of shoes. Kitten, wedge, stacked or stiletto. Choose your shoe height according to your red dress length.

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2. Lipstick. Mwah. Smooch. Kissey. What helps those lovely ladies stand out is some well placed lip color. Are you wearing a summer cotton dress, some gloss with a hint of gold might be just the thing. Out for a formal event in an evening gown, a deep red screen siren lip might be what you’re looking for. If you decide to go for no color at all, make sure they’re well moist and have a pleasing plump.

Which leads us to the final best accessory for a red dress, or any dress.

1. Smile. Mean muggin’ just isn’t very come hither, and if a red dress says anything, it says come hither. So put on your very best smile and go meet the day, because Lady, you look fabulous!