The Best Red Dress – The Top 10 Accessories for a Red dress

Did you know that the color red is literally a few hundredths of a degree warmer than the color blue? Well it’s true. Colors actually have a temperature. So to keep you warm and sizzling we’re naming the top 10 accessories to be your best dressed in your red dress!


Chanel - Red Nail Polish

10.  Red nails or Neutral nails

Nail polish in closest possible matching red of your dress is a great choice especially for  a casual dress, party dress or evening gown. An alternate choice is a nice French manicure or nude nail, which is also usually the best choice for the office as well.

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9. A nice black belt and we’re not talking Karate. Of course a black belt wouldn’t go with every red dress. But a nice patent black belt can give a simple red sheath retro pizazz.

Groomed Eyebrow Brown Eyes

8. Groomed eyebrows. When you choose the best red dress for your coloring, shape and event you are going to draw attention. A good portion of the attention people pay to you is going to be towards your face. Treat yourself to having it professionally done, and save time as well as skin. Ouch!

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7. Arms. We admit, they’re not what one usually thinks of as accessories. However you’ll find that in a red dress or any color dress. There’s a very good chance you’ll be wear something with short sleeve, cap sleeves, sleeveless, or strapless. You don’t have to run out and buy free weights. If your health provider okays it, try wall push ups. Lean against a wall in your home, arms and hands at your side, and push! Do 3 sets of 5 a day, and notice your arms start to tone up!

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6. Music. Another seemingly odd choice, but music can affect how you feel and present yourself. So why not put on some songs that make you feel good when you sing and move to them. It will help give you the boost you need to make yourself the most fabulous woman to have ever stepped outside wearing a red dress.

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Tips 5-1 this weekend!