Chez Kevito – The Best Red Dress Review

Romance in Paris is the first thought that comes to mind when I saw this lovely sleeveless best red dress by Chez Kevito. Red Lace, Red Ruffles, Red Roses, and Red Sheer, what more could a lady ask for in a red dress. The designer has shared with us this tidbit “I used the following link to determine the shade of red of the dress:
I think it’s somewhere between lust and lava”

Isn’t the WikiPedia a helpful template when determining what red we have the “hots” for?!

Chez Kevito - Best Red Dress

Coloring: Warm reds like Lust and Lava go great with Brown skin that has red or golden undertones, Light or Pale skin with Peach or Gold undertones will also find that this Red helps to bring out their color.

Shape: Apples, Hourglass and Tube/Banana shapes will find that this helps to flatter their shapes.

Event: Museum opening, a date…in Paris, or anywhere, when you want to feel pretty, wedding, bridesmaid, Sunday brunch


  1. oh la la says

    the vertical lines and horizontal belt actually compliment each other very well.

  2. amber says

    The ruffles are a nice touch as is the rose on the bottom. It matches the hair accessory you showcased.