Gestalt Collection on The Best Red Dress

The Best Red Dress is featuring another up and coming design label. Gestalt Collection.

If you’re looking for comfortable, practical and stylish, look no further than this classic casual piece from Gestalt.

This strappy number is made to be worn as a tank dress. It fits any sizes from 2-8 US/Women’s size.  It’s pleated with re-purposed fabric (poly-blended) crepe like and hangs as a halter-style.  There is chiffon floral trim detail on the back.  This best red dress can also be worn with a t-shirt underneath is necessary.
The Best Red Dress GestaltCollection_Red dress

Color: Rich bright red looks great on Olive, Tan, and Brown skin with golden and red undertones.

Shape: Its roomy style makes it a sure fit for many body types. Pear shaped ladies will especially enjoy the room on the bottom and comfortable bodice. Banana or tube shapes can add a belt giving a more hourglass effect.

Event: A Classic casual that will take you on errands, to work and fun dinner. A great wardrobe must have to look good at a moments notice.


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    This one’s for me! It will just be perfect for my pear shaped body. Have been looking for dresses like this one here to hide my not-so-great bod. Cool, elegant and sexy too!!

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    I agree, no one is perfect! But so happy that you like this dress. It’s made for all & extremely comfortable!