Jessica Rose Atelier on The Best Red Dress

Just in time for February, The Best Red Dress has the perfect feel good option for your closet by Jessica Rose Atelier of Toronto. With a flared skirt and square neck bodice you have a red dress that is both practical and and flattering in one fell swoop.

The knit fabric makes it a great travel option, as it can come away from a study packing needing little more than shower steam to put it in tip top form for a night at the theater. Whatever you plan on doing in the next few months this best red dress should surely be on your list of “perfect with everything“.

Happy Shopping!

The Best Red Dress J Rose Atelier Red Dress on Etsy

The Best Red Dress J Rose Atelier Red Dress on Etsy red retro dress

Coloring: Rich, deep Venetian Red goes perfectly with deep brown skin shades that have a blue undertone. Creamy white tones, with hints of peach or blue as well as Olive complexions also benefit greatly from this color.

Shape: Pear, Hourglass, Banana

Event: Office, garden party, informal wedding, travel

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