Review: Alice Couture – The Best Red Dress

Happy Wednesday Red Dress Vixens!

Today we’re featuring a red dress by Alice Couture. The loveliness of Red silk CADY fabric meets the romantic beauty of Chiffon in this flared 8 panel best red dress is perfect for making a woman feel like a lady.

This is what the designer has to say about it: “The red is a magic color:it’s the color of passion, love, life and blood.
There are a lot of different type of red: antique red (this one is perfect for every woman,because it’s not so bright but it’s shiny!), blood red (a little bit more bright),poppy red and so on.
The red is a perfect color for parties and a night out…but it’s a great idea wearing a red dress in a wedding! The color of LOVE!

It matches perfectly with these colors: black, navy blue..and for a touch of real fashion, PURPLE!”

5 AliceCouture - The Best Red Dress

5 AliceCouture - The Best Red Dress

Coloring: Rich reds like this one, highlight Tan or Brown skin with a golden or red undertone very well. Pale skin with Peach undertones also look good!

Shape: The lines of this dress works well for most shapes. For a pear shape that is very bottom heavy, this would emphasize that.

Event: Party, Wedding, Dinner Date


  1. anne says

    When I saw this dress I literally said “wow” and stared at it for a few minutes. Stunning Dress!