Step 2: The Best Red Dress – Determine your shape

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The second thing your need to do to choose the best red dress is: Determine your shape

You also have to consider your shape. There are four basic shapes that are used for women. Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Tube (Banana). Most people, whether they realize it or not, fall into the Tube category. This isn’t a bad thing, in fact it’s quite easy to find something that works with this shape, so quite often Tube or Banana shapes have the most choices when it comes to finding a red dress.

Apple shaped women are broader up top than they are on the bottom.

Pear shaped women are broader on the bottom than they are the top.

Hourglass shaped women have a lower and upper half that are nearly equal in size with a visibly small waist in comparison to their hips and buttocks.

Banana or Tube shaped women have minimal hip to waist ratios, in other words though you can tell that they have a waist it’s not as obvious as it would be with someone hour glass shaped.

Have you determined your shape? Good. Now your have two of the things you need in order to choose the best red dress for you.

How a dress fits your shape, has to do with the fabric, drape and cut of the dress.

If you are Banana or Hourglass shape, you have an advantage of being fairly proportional, so wearing a dress that clings to your shape can actually look nice depending on the shape you’re in. This is key. Clingy outfits will highlight and accentuate your body, so the point is, highlight your good point. If you have a nice bust line, than you might want to consider something that is clingy up top, but looser on the bottom.

If you’re a banana shape and you wear something clingy, consider wearing a belt in a complimenting color 6cm or wider to give yourself the effect of a curve.

For an Apple shape, you’ll be looking for something that gives your figure a more proportional look. Choosing something that has a broader bottom (think layers) will make your bottom half a bit fuller, thus matching your top half.

For a Pear shape, you’re trying to do the opposite of an Apple shape. You want your top to be more proportional to your bottom. Choosing a dress with padding in the bust, along with decoration up top, will help to create a fuller look in the torso, bringing both your bottom and top half in line.

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