Step 3: The Best Red Dress – Determine your event

The third thing you need to do to choose the best red dress: Determine your event

Are you going to a morning wedding, a party at a club in Ibiza, a formal evening wedding, a corner office, a casual get together with friends? Let’s break events down into 7 categories.

  1. Casual
  2. Semi-Casual
  3. Office
  4. Semi-Formal
  5. Formal
  6. Cocktail Party
  7. Dancing

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Once you’ve determined the type of event you are attending is, you can start looking at the best red dress for the occasion.

For categories 1 and 2, you can get away with both very long (i.e. Maxi Dresses) and shorter than normal (mini or in the case of casual micro mini).

For category 3, knee length through calf length is your best bet.

For categories 4 slightly above knee length through calf length will suit the occasion well.

For category 5 Ankle to Floor length is best.

For category 6 a couple of inches above the knee to knee length is the most common.

For category 7 your options are more open, but for your red dress to fit in the with occasion a somewhat flair mico mini to knee length will give you room for dancing, and hopefully a sense of flirty fun that will help you enjoy the occasion.

Hopefully you’ve been able to apply these tips so that you find the best red dress for you!


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