The Best Red Dress The Best Red Luggage and Suitcase

The Best Red Dress knows that when it’s time to visit the big wide world having luggage that fits your needs is imperative. Whether a short weekend vacation or a few years abroad. Pack it in red and have your luggage stand out in the crowd. Really, it helps to identify it at the airport better 😉


Eddas Luggage Bag 

With a vintage stream trunk flavor, this Eddas luggage set, is large enough to make moving half way around with your belongings a lot easier.



The Best Red Dress EDDAS Luggage bag-RED  2011 New Model  Travel bag  Trolley bag


Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage

Soft sided Samsonite luggage isn’t as heavy as the traditional hard side and is still great quality and a good value.

The best Red Dress Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set


 Motorcycle Back Trunk Tailbox
If you’re idea of fun and adventure starts and ends with a bike, don’t forget this add on for a motorcyclePack what you need without having to worry about lack of space.

The Best Red Dress Red Scooter Motorcycle Back Trunk Tail Box Luggage Top Case Red


Tim and Lesli Red Diaper Bag

Diaper bags don’t have to look like diaper bags! Be stylish in red while carrying all of the essentials for your little one.

The Best Red Dress timi & leslie Rachel Convertible Diaper Bag


Floto Taormina Duffle

One of my travel favorites is Floto, practical leather luggage with Italian styling is great for the global traveler that wants to look good wherever she goes.

The best Red Dress Floto Taormina Duffle in Tuscan Red  Luggage Suitcase Travel Bag Tote Bag on The Best Red Dress


Osprey Porter Backpack

If your travel involves more rugged adventures try and comfortable and spacious backpack from Osprey. Backpacking across Europe doesn’t mean that you have to look grubby!

Zappos Osprey Porter 65 BackPack on The Best Red Dress



Happy Shopping!

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